Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Catchy Phrases For A Bachelorette Party

Some girls choirs, world tour of Morocco

If by chance, dear and faithful reader zet trice he escaped thee my super girlfriends had resulted in a theatrical adventure , this is a chance to catch you!
Indeed, as you can see from the photo, we're the party (s) for an international tour of 3 additional dates that should lead us from the confines of Casablanca, to those of Rabat. And all this for the benefit of associations for the purpose (not profit) to spread the good around them, by helping women in difficulty, for Casa or mentally disabled for the representation of Rabat ...
As success we want to heart you will find me tonight between 17 and 19h (Grosso Modo Time) on CBC Aswat (104.3 in Casa) or I try to make us interesting (s) along with Rim (top right on your screen, black jacket).
And for sound, as promised, a little litho-therapy!


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